Community Ambassadors


The Brooke’s Place Community Ambassador group serves as a critical community champion of Brooke’s Place. Ambassadors will consist of community members who are passionate about Brooke’s Place and have a desire to further the mission of Brooke’s Place through outreach initiatives, increased presence and involvement within the community. The Ambassador Group has no governing function within the organization.


  • Each Ambassador member attends quarterly meetings of the Community Ambassadors, and can attend Development Meetings.
  • Ambassadors are asked to participate in fundraising through personal donation efforts, event capacity efforts and/or online fundraising.
  • Ambassadors are asked to select two outreach initiatives to participate in.
  • Ambassadors would allow the organization to publicize their name and publish in any organizational communications such as newsletter, website, etc.
  • Ambassadors would be encouraged to attend Brooke’s Place events and actively participate in the promotion of these activities.

Outreach Initiatives:

  • Donor Appreciation
  • Ambassador to current families/volunteers/closed families
  • Special Events
  • Social networking
  • Online giving/Memorial page promotion
  • National Children’s Grief Awareness Day
  • Community Awareness (i.e. working with funeral homes, schools, counselors etc.)
  • Community Presentations/Fairs


Brooke’s Place’s Development and Outreach Co-Chairs along with the overall Brooke’s Place will recruit a minimum of fifteen (15) individuals to participate as a Ambassador. Volunteer Ambassador Chair may be identified. The Development and Outreach Committee’s Co-Chairs (and Ambassador Chair) will manage the Ambassadors, and be responsible for oversight and communications. Ambassadors are asked to serve the organization for at least one calendar year.


  • Ambassadors can extend their circle of contacts.
  • Ambassadors experience the support of like minded individuals.
  • Ambassadors have a chance to develop personal leadership skills.
  • Ambassadors achieve personal satisfaction of helping make an impact on the community and helping children who are experiencing the loss of a loved one.
  • Promotion of each Ambassador via the Brooke’s Place Organization
"Brooke’s Place provided comfort at a time when I thought we couldn’t be comforted."

– Brooke’s Place Adult