Brooke's Place Family Story

The Brosius Family Remembers

Brooke's Place has been an amazing program for my children and I after we lost my husband unexpectedly on March 3, 2016 at the Taste of Carmel. My husband, Brian, was a great dad, husband and friend to many. His smile was infectious and some of the stories and jokes he would tell would bring you to tears with laughter. He was in the Air Force and fought for our country in the Gulf War. After his passing he was able to save over 50 people in 30 states including Canada with his gift of organ donation. His tissue helped burn victims and his arteries were used to help cancer patients.

I do not know what we would have done without the support of Brooke's Place and all of the facilitators, volunteers and fellow families over these past 2 years. We absolutely love the activities like Walking for Dreams and picnics that Brooke's Place puts on as a way to join us together in the grief journey. I know for some people they will make life long friends, for the children, it is a comfort knowing that they are not alone. That there are other children who have lost loved ones. Every story is different, but all share in the grief.

"Brooke's Place has given my children a safe place to help them through the process of understanding, compassion and patience to talk about and work through their grief."

-Denise C.