Make it a Hotbox Pizza Monday Night

Customers do NOT need to bring in a flyer, but you DO need to mention the Brooke's Place Fundraiser to ensure that 20% of your order goes to support our mission. If ordering online, simply add a note to the order mentioning the fundraiser for Brooke's Place.  The fundraiser applies only on the first Monday of each month.

Please note: this fundraiser is only available through the HotBox location mentioned below.

We are grateful to our friends at HotBox Pizza for their passionate support of Brooke's Place!

"Thank you to all of Brooke's Place for being exactly what it is for.  It is a wonderful mission everyone there fulfills.  What is more important than helping to mend a broken heart?  It is with Brooke's Place that we who attend are able to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  We look around the group and see those who joined earlier than us and realize they are in a different place and there is hope.  We look around and see those newest members in incredible pain and see we have moved to a different place.  We have grown and survived and that gives us hope to continue our grief journey."

- Brooke's Place Parent