Make it a Hotbox Pizza Monday Night

Customers do NOT need to bring in a flyer, but you DO need to mention the Brooke's Place Fundraiser to ensure that 20% of your order goes to support our mission. If ordering online, simply add a note to the order mentioning the fundraiser for Brooke's Place.  The fundraiser applies only on the first Monday of each month.

Please note: this fundraiser is only available through the HotBox location mentioned below.

We are grateful to our friends at HotBox Pizza for their passionate support of Brooke's Place!

"Doing grief work as a family allowed us to more easily share our feelings about our individual grief experiences.  During the sessions at Agape, my children would share feelings that they had not expressed to me before and it was instructive to hear what they had to say to the group about their grief. …One of the highlights of the sessions was when we were allowed to paint the horses and, in doing so, together honor my husband's memory. 

The Agape sessions came at a particularly opportune time for my son as he had really been struggling with his grief.  He misses his dad terribly and had shut down at times because it was too painful for him to think of his dad.  Connecting with and caring for the horses helped him open up." 

- Brooke's Place Parent