Make it a Hotbox Pizza Monday Night

Customers do NOT need to bring in a flyer, but you DO need to mention the Brooke's Place Fundraiser to ensure that 20% of your order goes to support our mission. If ordering online, simply add a note to the order mentioning the fundraiser for Brooke's Place.  The fundraiser applies only on the first Monday of each month.

Please note: this fundraiser is only available through the HotBox location mentioned below.

We are grateful to our friends at HotBox Pizza for their passionate support of Brooke's Place!

"Thank you for all of your help thus far.  (Child) really enjoyed his time there.  He got in the car and the first words were, “Did you know that every kid in my group had their dad die?”  To most that would seem like a horrible thing to say but in our car it was music to our ears.  He was comforted to know that he was not the only kid living this ride on the crazy train… We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Brooke’s Place… Thank you again for everything.  (Child) loved the folks working his group!"

- Brooke's Place Mom