2018 – What a Year!

2018 has been an amazing year at Brooke’s Place!  Because we know there are approximately 73,000 grieving children in central Indiana, or 1 in every 12 children, in 2018, we have been actively working to grow our services by expanding how and where our programs are offered.  This year, we have made substantial strides across all of our programs, including the following:

*New Grief Support Group Program: On January 16, 2018, Brooke’s Place began serving children and families at an additional ongoing grief support group location on the westside, bringing our total number of grief support group program nights to five.  This support group program takes place at the Westside Church of the Nazarene.  We are currently serving 59 children and adults at this location, and we have room to grow as we recruit more volunteers to serve even more grieving children.  Currently, all five programs are collectively serving 420 individuals. 

*BP8:  Launched in 2015, BP8 continues to grow.  This 8-week, peer-based grief support group program is provided on-site at community partner locations. This year, we served children, teens, and young adults across 19 different short-term programs.  We have also added the capacity to provide support groups for the adults that care for our BP8 kids, teens, and young adults.

*Therapy Services: Since 2008, our individual and family therapy services program has continued to flourish. We have increased the number of therapy sessions per month by more than 50% over last year, providing an average of 141 sessions per month to date in 2018.

*Camp Healing Tree: This year, Camp Healing Tree, a weekend long camp for grieving children, became a formal part of Brooke’s Place. We are so pleased to be able to offer one more tried-and-true program aimed at supporting grieving families in central Indiana.

*You are Not Alone: We have been working with several 12 to 14 year-olds to publish a collection of diverse stories written by grieving teens, for grieving teens.  We are excited to announce that the book, entitled “You Are Not Alone: Stories of Loss, Grief, Healing and Remembrance”, will be available in the spring of 2019!   We are incredibly grateful that the book’s foreword was written by the New York Times’ best-selling author John Green. 

Just a few weeks ago, a twelve old boy who attends Brooke’s Place told us that Brooke’s Place feels like the “safest place on earth”.   As we look to 2019 and beyond, these words inspire us to continue to grow our services and work tirelessly toward our mission of providing support groups, therapy services and community education to grieving families.  We know that none of this would be possible without the support of dedicated advocates like you; and, this holiday season, we are so incredibly grateful for you!

"Thank you to all of Brooke's Place for being exactly what it is for.  It is a wonderful mission everyone there fulfills.  What is more important than helping to mend a broken heart?  It is with Brooke's Place that we who attend are able to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  We look around the group and see those who joined earlier than us and realize they are in a different place and there is hope.  We look around and see those newest members in incredible pain and see we have moved to a different place.  We have grown and survived and that gives us hope to continue our grief journey."

- Brooke's Place Parent